About Us & Other Contributors

Team Andrecca started with a couple from Oregon, who wanted more videogames they could play cooperatively together. Andrew and Becca had always loved video games, and decided to look into making their own game. This game is the fruit of that labor.

Andrew has always had a love for computers and programming. As an avid gamer, he has taken his hobby to a new level by creating and coding this game. Though Andrew has created mods for other games, Andrecca is his first venture in full game design.

His other interests include (but are not limited to): Pac Man, Star Wars, and Red Robin.

Becca grew up playing Nintendo with her family, and some of her earliest memories are from her dad playing Mega Man. Pixel art is a new territory for her, though she has always loved all kinds of art.

Her other interests include (but are not limited to): Crochet, Eeveelutions, and SNSD.

Other Artists
Richard Schmidbauer: http://www.visionvortex.de
Igor Sandman: http://igorsandman.net/

Music & Sound
Indigo Rain: http://indigorain.newgrounds.com/
Ashton Morris: http://www.ashtonmorris.com/