How did you get started in making a game?
Andrew had begun looking up information about game design, because he had the drive to make a game that would be great for cooperative modes or as a single player. It started by thinking of games Andrew and Becca liked to play together and grew from there.

Did you go to school for this type of work?
Nope. Andrew and Becca do not have formal training in Game Design, and everything they know has been learned from the internet, and simply trial & error.

What’s the game about?
The game can be described as an “Action-Puzzle” game. There are different levels to work though, different enemies to beat, and different areas in the game. The goal is to defeat all of the enemies, and gain the highest score possible.

Who can play the game?
This game is great for all ages! It’s not scary, gory, or anything unsafe for kids to see, but it provides enough challenge for even seasoned gamers to enjoy. It follows the simple controls of 4 way directional movement and one “action” button.

What platform are you developing for?
Our demo is available on the web (for PC and Mac), but once the game is finished, it will be published on the Wii U.

What tools do you use?
For building the game, we use Unity.
For Art we use Gimp and IsoPix Pro.
For Backing up we use Github