A little history…

It seems whenever people ask about what Andrew and I are up to we always talk about our game. The number one thing I am asked is “how did you get into that?”

To be honest, it wasn’t my dream. It wasn’t something I always thought about doing. It was something Andrew had brought up to me after doing a lot of research one day. He thought I would think it was a silly idea, but I didn’t. I immediately wanted to be a part of this adventure. Since we started it’s been hard to stop. He’s the programmer and I’m the artist.

Handling the art design has been quite a challenge for me since any sort of drawing has never been a strength of mine. I love art and that’s what really pushed me to do this. Honestly it’s not as scary as I thought it would be. There’s been the normal frustrations of learning something new, but this has become more than a side-project. This is a passion I had no idea that I had. I absolutely love working on art, it can get tedious, but I still love it.

Andrew and I have both been into video games since we were kids. He had done some StarCraft 2 mods in the past, but I think he always wanted more. He’s great at programming and loves games. I know someday he’d love to get a job in computer programming but and it has always been a hobby of his, for now he programs our game. It is really amazing to me to see how much he lights up when he works on our game. I’m so happy that we can work on this game together.

It’s only just really started, but I am already so proud of what we’ve done and can’t wait to keep working!



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