New doodles!!!!!


It’s been awhile since I shared some art with you guys! I have some new doodles. Some game related, some just “sketches” I’ve done. It’s been a pretty busy couple weeks for me, but I’m still trying to focus on game art. I’ve been putting a lot of time into making a font for general use in the game, but that didn’t seem too exciting to share with you guys.

I’ve been looking at some more tutorials for different techniques. Most recently I looked at this tutorial for how to make pixel art clouds quickly. The clouds to the right were made following that tutorial, and sure enough, it really was quick.

Anyway, on to more art!

The piece on the right was made by giving Andrew a premade square and having him draw lines on it. I chose the colors and shaded the pieces how I saw fit. This piece has a very Candyland feel to it, which as a candy afficianado, I totally love. Sometimes I think I would love to live in a world of bright colors, with amazingly brilliant walkways, telephone poles, cars, and everything else. Then I remember that too many bright colors tends to give headaches, not to mention how terrible that amount of candy would be for everyone. Instead of making my life candy colored, I design candy colored items as drafts for the game. I have told Andrew “I design better using pink.” I stand behind that statement. I feel like everyone has a “power color” a color or colors that just makes them feel good.In case you’re wondering about mine, I’m a fan of pink (obviously), mint green, and purple.

I made a huge mistake about a year ago, and cut my hair. I had been growing it out, and I cut it off on impulse. I have regretted it ever since. Short hair is fine, I had short hair just about all my life, but I wanted one of those fancy updos for my wedding so I started growing my hair when I got engaged. Well it got a little past my shoulders, and the one hairstyle I always wanted to do (but never could) was the look on the left.I know that Lady Gaga had this style awhile ago, but I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga made the bow bun using some kind of fake hair extension/wig/witchcraft. I wanted to do it with my own hair, but I cut it off before I could. I see tutorials on Pinterest for it, but my hair is just to my shoulders (not nearly long enough to be able to do the bow bun yet), but someday I’ll get there. I did this sketch thinking that if I can’t have the bow bun on my head yet, the ladies in the game should be able to get that option too. This is a blonde option (maybe modeled after gaga), with longer hair, but I’m also looking at doing one with shorter hair. Also with the way our customization is looking you could have the hair be any color of the rainbow!

Today while I was waiting for some chicken to finish baking, I kicked back on our couch and looked out the window at some beautiful clouds. I had done a tutorial that showed a quick and easy way to make clouds (as I mentioned above). I started out using those same principles here, but I decided to embellish them a little. That tutorial really is a good way to get the outline down for a cloud, but I wanted to give it a little more texture and variation in the colors. Even still it took about 10 mins, so it wasn’t a huge investment in a sketch.

On the left is what I’ve been calling “Ice Mountain,” for (hopefully) obvious reasons. We plan to have an ice/snow level, and I think of this as the setting for it. I really like this little mountain all the different blues that make the ice really seem fit the theme. I feel cold just looking at it. The mountain is definitely in draft status still, but I wanted give you guys a look at one of the possibilities for settings in our game. Hopefully more of a look at other settings soon too.

The items on either side are some tiles I made made using my normal canvas of 32×32 pixels. It’s not a ton of space to work with, but I like a good challenge. The tile on the left is a leaf I doodled one day. I like the chocolate brown background on it too. The right is a flower, but it is modeled after a tulip. I’ve always loved them, and someday I’ll have some of my own, when I have a yard I can garden in.
The last little thing I wanted to share is a part of a centerpiece from our upcoming wedding. I can’t believe it’s less than four months away already. We’re planning to make sprites and then use perler beads to make them. They’ll be fairly big once they’re completed, and every table will have a different character. This is a Kirby with the ice ability that i sketched out on my tablet. This is the original size of the sketch. Thankfully I get to have it zoomed in. My sight close up is good, but probably not that good.

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