Alpha Build #2 – New Enemy and Updated Levels!

It’s been just over a week since we launched our first Alpha build of Andrecca and now we have quite a few fixes and additions ready for build #2!  We have a new enemy for our Haunted House themed levels, the Jack-O-Lantern (See above).  This enemy moves by hopping around the board.  When in the air, it can’t be flipped, you need need to flip him when it lands.  It can be tricky, but I think it adds a little more variety to the levels!

Speaking of variety, all 24 of the levels have been revamped to include more variety and challenge to them.  If you played Build #1 and would like to to try these new levels, you will need to create a new character to start at the beginning, otherwise, you can play with your current character’s progression.  If your current character completed level #3, your game will still continue at level #4, but you won’t be able to play the revamped levels 1 through 3.

For those of you who are new to Andrecca, you can find information on how to play here or you can click the “Game Information” link on the top right of this blog.  That page will continue to be updated as we progress.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, feel free to post on this blog, chat with us on Twitter (@TeamAndrecca), or send us an email (! Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy!

Build Notes:
– Added new tile: Bomb!
– Revamped up all Haunted levels!
– Added new enemy: Jack-O-Lantern!
– Fixed an issue where players could sometimes get stuck while flipping when playing with 2 or more players.
– Fixed a flicker issue that could happen when new enemies spawn.
– Fixed an issue with the Zombie death animation.
– Fixed an issue where an enemy could sometimes continue to spawn even when the spawner was flipped.
– Added functionality for AI to initially spawn when the game starts.
– Updated Spawner Tile animation.
– Players should now stick to web tiles if they were being pushed across
the center.
– Updates to Push Predication for Online.
– Updated movement patterns for AI to include some random movement rotations.
– Tweaked flip and push speeds.
– Fixed a placement issue with character sprites.
– Players can no longer kill players on their same team.
– Zombie now splits after the 3rd level.
– Zombie Bottom now goes faster after the 6th level.
– Characters will no longer be partially hidden behind enemies once killed.
– Fixed an issue where tile animations could “skip” while being flipped.
– The “Leave Game” button will now disappear upon returning to the lobby.
– There is now a slight pause after being pushed before you can move again.
– Stunned animation now plays while being pushed.
– Fixed an issue where enemies could be harmful to players immediately
when spawning.
– Updated Haunted House Board border.
– Fixed an issue with player death animations not playing correctly.
– Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on top of block tiles.
– Removed the “light tap” for pushes.
– Fixed an issue with Bomb tiles not reacting correctly with Lock tiles.
– Lock tiles now show correctly on the board.
– Fixed an issue that happened when leaving the game while paused and could not start another game.
– Added temporary fix for players getting stuck while flipping.
– Rearranged levels based on difficulty.


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