A Demo Is Coming!


In just about two months we’ll be posting our Haunted Demo just in time for Halloween, so expect to see a lot more changes and updates coming your way!  There’s a lot of exciting things in the works and as you can see, there’s new great art being made!

We’ve recently teamed up with some really great people to help out our art and audio!  The above image is our new game icon courtesy of Richard Scmidbauer (visionvortex.de), and he’s making some really amazing stuff for us, but we’ll have some more highlights about his (and our other collaborator’s) contributions in future blog posts.
We know that it has been a while since we’ve posted any news on here and it might have appeared that we abandoned this project altogether, but quite the contrary!  In all honesty, we were having a hard time gaining traction with an audience and we felt that it was in large part to what we had to offer at the time.  Yes, we were still pushing out our Alpha builds and making great improvements from one iteration to the next, but it was still just that, an Alpha.  There wasn’t a lot to look at (you still needed to use your imagination a lot with all the placeholder art), not all the features we wanted were there yet, the levels weren’t fully fleshed out and polished yet, so while that’s still okay for Pre-Alpha/Alpha, it wasn’t quite the game we wanted to brag about just yet.
So we made the decision to hold off on pushing out another build until we had a much more polished product to put out and that’s where the Haunted Demo comes into play!  Halloween (probably more like mid-October) is a reasonable target date to put in the level of polish we’d be proud of and, since we had already made a demo for last Halloween, a lot of the assets had already been started with that theme, so it’s going to be our perfect opportunity!  Don’t worry though, this isn’t just going to be a re-hash of last year’s demo; it’s going to feel like night and day.
Our main goal for this Haunted Demo is to make it feel like just that, a demo of a much larger game.  We’re aiming to give it as much polish as the final game will have so that this actually feels like a taste of Andrecca instead of feeling like an unfinished game.
With help from our new artists, we really believe that we can deliver in October.  Stay tuned for my next post where I introduce our newest playable characters!

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