The Dream That Is Andrecca

It’s been a while since we’ve posted here, we’ve had a lot going on in our personal and work lives, but we haven’t stopped working on Andrecca! Anyway, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Andrew and I’m the other half of the Andrecca team. I work a lot more with the coding and game mechanics side of things. When the time comes for an open beta – something we’d very much like to do in the near-ish future – I’m sure we’ll get to know one another better while I do my best to keep the bugs at bay!

So this is just a little bit about Andrecca (Working title for our game) and what kind of game we’re trying to make. Becca and I both came from the generation raised by Nintendo, where you could just enjoy games for hours at a time especially with friends and family to play with. That grew bonds between everyone playing and sometimes rivalries (the good kind!). We’ve since grown into the age where you can connect with anyone at anytime almost anywhere in the world. We want to create a game that embraces the best of both of these great worlds.

We often find ourselves searching for a game where we can play together as a team and overcome challenges together and join up or challenge other friends and family online when we want. There are some games out there that let us do this, but a lot of times they only allow for local play or each player needs to be on their own console or PC to play online. That’s generally not feasible for us and I’m sure plenty of people are in that same boat.

When thinking of the best platform to create such an experience, it didn’t take us a lot of thought, Nintendo would be our dream platform. What a better platform to develop for than the one that created the experiences that we’re going to pay tribute to? So when the opportunity came up to develop for the Wii U, we just had to take it!

Andrecca is going to be very retro (16-bit era) in nature but will still have a lot of the conveniences of modern day. We’re really excited to start showing off more in the posts to come!


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