Team Survival Game Type

Last post I talked about the general overview of Andrecca and touched a little on the experiences we want to create. Today I’m going to dive in a little more into the actual gameplay.

Andrecca is an action-puzzle game inspired by a lot of games from our past and even some from the current generation of games. At the core, it plays in a similar style to Mendel Palace from the NES, where you will control a character on a board, which is divided into multiple squares (like a chess board) and you slide tiles (the squares) around to reveal secrets, defeat enemies and find power ups. We feel that this is a great and forgotten genre of gameplay that needs to be revived and have its additional potential tapped into.

One area we see potential in is in multiplayer. Some of my favorite games from the past and present are great because of the multiplayer in them, whether you’re playing a co-op campaign, battling each other as teams or just a straight free-for-all, it just adds layers of depth and enjoyment that you just can’t create with singleplayer and AI. Not to say there’s anything wrong with those singleplayer games, there are lots of amazing singleplayer experiences out there. So many that it’s a big part of the reason we want to focus a lot on multiplayer. A lot of indie games seem to focus on singleplayer and even a lot of the Wii U multiplayer games only focus on local multiplayer. That’s where we want to be different and give players the option of playing online with family and friends if they’d like and we want to deliver the best online experience that we can.

It’s the feature that I’m looking at the most right now. Local multiplayer hasn’t even been implemented yet. I want to create a good base for online first, make sure it works, and the build the rest of the game around it. To me, it’s a better choice than the alternative, where the game is built first and online is just tacked on later. A lot of times the online experience just isn’t as great and players really can feel how tacked on it is. We want to create an experience where you can have those “living room full of friends and family” moments AND extend those moments online once everyone else has to go home.


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