Game Types in Andrecca

A fitting level for the weather currently outside.

Now that you’ve gotten to get a look at the style of Andrecca and the overall game mechanics that it’ll use, I wanted to dive a little deeper into the different game modes we’re planning.  As mentioned before, Andrecca is mostly going to be multiplayer focused, but there will be a lot of content you can play singleplayer too if you’d like, it’s just not our primary focus.

Some of our favorite games from the past and present are great because of the multiplayer in them, whether you’re playing a co-op campaign, battling each other as teams or just a straight free-for-all, it just adds layers of depth and enjoyment that you just can’t create with singleplayer and AI. Not to say there’s anything wrong with those singleplayer games, there are lots of amazing singleplayer experiences out there. So many that it’s a big part of the reason we want to focus a lot on multiplayer.  The game will be broken into two basic types: Campaign and Arena. 

Campaign will be the progression portion of the game that can be played co-op or singleplayer, offline or on.  Players will have to kill all the enemies and remove all spawners in order to move onto the next level.  Mendel Palace for the NES was a big inspiration for our take on the genre.  Levels will become increasingly more difficult with layouts introducing more hazards and enemies becoming more complex.

Arena will be our challenge area portion of the game.  This will have several different types of gameplay types which will include co-op (which could be played solo) and versus, online or local:

Survival – Can be 1 – 4 players cooperatively.  Once a spawner appears, it spawns an AI and then disappears.  After a certain amount of time, a new spawner will appear to repeat this process.  Difficulty and spawn rate will increase over time.  Goal is to survive as long as possible.

Team Survival – Can be 2 – 4 players placed into two teams.  Map is setup with spawn tiles in each corner of the map and will expand to fill whole left & right edges.  Enemies spawned will only follow that team’s players and will not hurt the other team.  Players can manipulate the board to increase/decrease rate and difficulty of the enemies spawning against the other team.  Goal is to outlast the enemy team.

Competitive Campaign – Can be 2 – 4 players placed into two teams.  Maps divided into 2 sides, one for each team.  Each team follows the campaign rules for their side.  Goal is to defeat all of the enemies and spawners on your side of the map before the other team to win.

Death Match – Can be 2 – 4 players placed into two teams or FFA.  Map does not initially spawn with enemies, but can be populated by other players by discovering them in the level or using abilities.  Players can flip other players into walls or rocks to kill them.  Last player/team standing wins.

Andrecca is still in mid-development, so nothing is set in stone right now. We might take some of these out or tweak them depending on how they play out. We might even add some modes if we come across anything that would fit in really well with Andrecca.

What are some of your favorite game modes? We’d be interested to hear and who knows, they might get put into the game!


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