Mini art!

I’ve been doing a lot more with my tablet, and recently I started making what we call “tiles” with it. I generally take about 15 mins each (which isn’t super long for a warm up), and they’re all drafts. I have just kind of been playing with techniques and seeing what the tablet can do. The majority of these don’t have any real theme, they were just free drawings when I was listening to music or had tv going. One of them is a “Who’s that Pokemon?” like from the TV show. I bet you can’t tell me which one it is…

Okay, maybe it’s really easy to guess which one, but it was still a lot of fun to get inspired by that. I’ll give you a little background on the others I’ve made so far too.
Blue was made based on a curved line, and I branched out from there with the colors. Andrew thinks it looks like a blue piranha plant, but that is not intentional.
Heartbacon was made right around Valentine’s day while listening to Daft Punk with Andrew. It wasn’t really meant to look like bacon (I just love pinks), but if the shoe fits…
Brownee was made while Andrew was working on dinner and I had some crime show on in the background.
Streamy was made right after during the same crime show as Brownee. I wouldn’t say either were “inspired” by the show, it was just there for some background noise. I wanted streamy to feel like some rocks in a brook.
Grape Ocean was made while watching/listening to some “Crash Course” on youtube. If you have not watched any of that series you can do so here. Any of the videos are entirely worth your time! That’s beside the point though. Purple ocean is one of my favorites because of the tones. It reminds me of Kirby’s Adventure for the NES.

Grape Ocean

I’ll try to have collections like this every couple weeks or so of just random art I have worked on. Let me know which one’s you like! If you have any requests for things for me to get inspired by, put it in the comments, or you can tweet us @TeamAndrecca if you want to!


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