The Age Of Nintendo Indie Titles Has Begun!

I’m talking about Nintendo’s new indie development program that launched last year!  March 6th is when the first one of us in the program officially launched a game on Nintendo’s eShop.  RCMADIAX (Mike as I’ll refer to him – it’s just easier) launched his first game, BLOK DROP U, on that day and I couldn’t be happier for him!  I’ve been quietly watching his progress since he announced,  just as I’ve been keeping an eye on other eShop titles yet to launch.  From what I’ve seen Mike is pretty pleased with his launch and is still working diligently to stay in touch with his community.

The reasons I’m keeping track of these other developers is for one, it’s great to see fellow indies succeed and two there’s a lot to learn from their successes and even failures. Indie development is new to me already but this eShop program is new to ALL of us. So while I try to read up on as many indie development tips as I can, a lot of them are specific to PC, Android, etc and who knows how much of the nonspecific items apply to Wii U. So that’s where these other developers come into play.
From Mike’s launch forward, I’m paying close attention to the reactions players (and review sites) are giving and concerns they have. It has been really insightful so far and I can’t wait see how players react to the rest of the new games coming to Wii U!
What are some of your “must haves” for a day 1 purchase (indie or not)?

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