We’re Getting Back Up To Full Speed!

As you may remember we were going to try to get a playable alpha test version out to you guys earlier this summer, but a lot of things in our personal life (wedding, new jobs, moving, etc) ended up taking a lot more time than expected. All of those are behind us now and everything else is really winding down, so we’re ramping back up to work on the game again!

We’re going to push to have a playable PC demo by Halloween. Or at least have parts of the open alpha test open to anyone interested. This demo will include playable haunted house themed levels and we’re hoping to get a haunted house boss level in there as well!  You’ll be able to play this on the PC using a keyboard or controllers (I use some Xbox ones, but anything else *should* work), you’ll be able to play single player or local/online with up to 3 other players and we’re hoping to have at least one versus mode ready but there will at least be a co-op mode ready.
Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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