Insight, Indies, Inspiration, and Internal Independence Part Two

So in the last post, I talked about half of what feels like the longest title ever. I left off talking about forums and how people let their ego get bruised by others who are generally just trying to give feedback and help someone. I know sometimes in the moment, and especially through text, it’s hard to tell if someone is being genuine or if they’re just being a jerk. My parents always taught me to give
everyone a chance, and to be open-minded about people. I think having that instilled in me really helps me take feedback from people. Being open-minded has led me to some really great personal discoveries and it also helps me find inspiration to keep going when I feel stuck. Which was where I found myself with artwork a few weeks ago.
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Insight, Indies, Inspiration, and Internal Independence

Hey there everyone, it’s been too long since I posted something here, and tonight it’s going to get personal. I’ve had some struggles with stress lately, and the roller coaster of all that stress is finally coming to the end of the ride. I can breathe, and that has given me a lot of internal reflection also. I’ve done a lot of art recently, since we’re coming to our deadline of a test of our game. We’ve landed on an official-ish title, I’ve found a good place for inspiration, and we’re having what I’ve started calling “workends”. It hasn’t been sunshine and rainbows everyday, but every low has just pushed me to up my game (pun totally intended). Oh, and I found out that most forums on the internet are all the same. The comment fights about nothing are amazing, but the egos some people have are incredible. More on that later though.
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